access control for homes and businesses

Cape Cod Alarm's Access Control offers multiple ways to unlock your home or business: keypad, swipe card and fingerprints.

Access control is now practical for homes as well as for businesses.

For businesses:

  • Know whenever a door — any door —is unlocked, and by whom
  • Allow your employees to feel secure in their working environment
  • Sector off areas of your facility by employee clearance level
  • Multiple ways to use: keypad, swipe a card, and yes — even a fingerprint!
No more key cutting! Keyless entry from Cape Cod Alarm is perfect for any home or business.

For homes:

  • Family members no longer all need to possess keys
  • Give access to cleaning crews, handymen and service workers — and rescind at any time
  • Track who has been in your home and exactly when they were there

Features of our access control systems:

  • Keyless entry
  • No more cutting keys
  • Complete accountability
  • Web-based access control
  • Reports
  • Residential, commercial, municipal, and schools
  • Restrict access in your house: liquor cabinet, medicine cabinet, gun rooms, jewelry, coin collections, and any other prized possessions you keep behind closed doors
  • Often used in medical facilities, airports, schools, restaurants, warehouses, churches
  • Restrict access within your business: employee, management, stock rooms, outdoor gates
  • Attendance: know who unlocked your door and what time

Ask us to design a custom solution that will meet your specific needs.