Cape Cod Alarm


the only alarm monitoring station on cape cod: U.L. Listed

At Cape Cod Alarm, all services are handled at our Yarmouth office, including on-site monitoring. Other alarm companies serving Cape Cod subcontract their monitoring services off-Cape.

Our monitoring operations are fully staffed with trained and experienced local residents 24/7. The Yarmouth monitoring station is UL listed — inspected regularly by Underwriter Laboratories to ensure our equipment and practices will ensure reliable transmission of alarm signals.

Why does this matter?
  • With a monitoring operation that is firmly under our control, Cape Cod Alarm can provide customized responses to suit the particular needs of any residence or business.
  • Our dispatchers have local knowledge and established relationships with the Cape’s police and fire authorities.
  • Our staff knows exactly what equipment is at your location, allowing us to immediately pinpoint exactly which sensor has been activated and to help you re-set, if needed.