Cape Cod Alarm


Remotely Viewable Video Surveillance:
Residential, Commercial, Municipal, Schools

As with all of the various protection systems which Cape Cod Alarm offers, we can match your needs with different systems offering different levels of protection. A year-round homeowner may be concerned about neighborhood activity, or who is ringing the doorbell. A seasonal homeowner may want to know all is as quiet on the property. A business owner may want to keep tabs on employees, stockrooms or the cash register — or simply to keep an eye on who is using the dumpster outside.

Residential Applications

  • See when your packages have been delivered
  • Check in on your pets throughout the day
  • See when there is activity in your driveway
  • Remotely view the activity around your pool
  • Keep an eye on your prized possessions such as docks, boats, cars, motorcycles, flower beds, gardens, etc.
  • Or just enjoy the view...
  • Custom designed to your needs

Commercial Applications

  • Dumpsters, watch for unauthorized use
  • Cash registers
  • Walk-in coolers and freezers
  • View business operations in real time
  • Indoor outdoor with night vision
  • Liability slip and fall
  • Ability to record 24/7
  • Custom designed to your needs